Standard Motor Catalog

TR Technical Reference Guide

TR.40 III. Efficiency TR.40 Definition of Efficiency TR.41 Premium Efficiency TR.42 IEC Efficiency Levels

TR.3 TR.4 TR.4 TR.5 TR.6 TR.6 TR.7 TR.7 TR.8


I. Electrical Design


Voltage and Frequency Variation

TR.43 Simple Pay Back Calculations TR.44 IV. Classifications/Environment TR.44 Environmental Considerations TR.44 Hazardous “Classified” Locations TR.46 Environmental Modifications TR.48 V. Reference TR.48 NEMA vs IEC Motors

Voltage Unbalance


Polyphase or Single-Phase Power

Motor Output Rating

Torque and Horsepower TR.14 Polyphase Motors Larger than 500 Hp TR.14 Single-Phase Motors TR.14 Service Factor TR.15 Motor Temperature TR.16 Duty Cycle Applications TR.18 Starting TR.19 Power Factor TR.20 Winding Connections and Starting TR.22 Electrical Modifications TR.25 II. Mechanical Design TR.25 Frame Designation System TR.25 Drains and Breathers TR.25 Mounting Configurations

TR.51 Annexure TR.53 References


TR.27 Dynamic Balance TR.27 Bearing Systems TR.28 Winding Treatment TR.29 Adjustable Speed

Inverter Duty Operation

TR.30 Load Connection TR.33 Load Calculations TR.34 Mechanical Modifications TR.37 Vibration Detection TR.38 Motor Testing


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