Standard Motor Catalog

XS XSD Ultra NEMA Premium Extra Severe Duty Motors

XS.34 Adjustable Speed Motors XS.34 Standard Features XS.35 Pricing XS.36 Dimensions XS.39 Kits and Accessories XS.41 XSD Ultra, XSD Ultra 841 and 661 Kits 140 to 449T XS.45 XSD Ultra Checklist for Value

XS.3 XS.3 XS.4

XSD Ultra – Extra Severe Duty

Standard Features

Pricing XS.12 C-Face Pricing XS.13 High Torque Design C Quarry Duty Pricing XS.15 Dimensions XS.17 XSD Ultra 841 XS.17 Standard Features XS.18 Pricing XS.24 C-Face Pricing XS.26 XSD Ultra 841 Vertical C-Face NT XS.26 Standard Features XS.27 Pricing XS.28 Dimensions XS.31 XSD Ultra 661 for Heat Exchanger XS.31 Standard Features XS.32 Pricing XS.33 Dimensions



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