Standard Motor Catalog

Section MV High Power Motors

Quantum ™ 580/7000 Medium Voltage TEFC Standard Features

HP Range

700 - 1750


2, 4, 6

Voltage Altitude Ambient


3300 ft

40°C to -20°C NEMA Grade A


Insulated bearing with grounding strap for Sleeve Bearings Insulated bearing brackets on both ends for Anti-Friction Bearings

Bearing Insulation

Bearing Protection Bearing Temp Device

Grease retainer on both ends (Anti-Friction Bearings) Labyrinth seals on both ends (Sleeve Bearings)

100 Ohm Platinum RTD both bearings

Bearing Type

Antifriction Bearings, 2-Pole 5811/5812/7011 Sleeve Bearings

Bearing L10 Life

Direct Coupled 100,000 hrs

Conduit Box

Fabricated Steel; Gasketed and rotatable in 90 degree increments

Div 2 Temp Codes

Self Certified Class I Div 2 Groups A, B, C, D T3 200C AIT (unless otherwise noted on price page)

Efficiency Enclosure End Shield

NEMA Premium

TEFC (IP 55)

Gray Cast Iron, Frame 5809/5810/5811/5812 Grade 30, Frame 7010/7011 Grade 60 Bi-Directional; Uni-directional for 2 poles (unless otherwise noted on price page)


Fan Cover Fasteners

Fabricated Steel

SAE Grade 5, Zinc chromate coated

Frame Material

Gray Cast Iron, Frame 5809/5810/5811/5812 Grade 30, Frame 7010/7011 Grade 60

Frame Size Frequency

5809, 5810, 5811, 5812, 7010, 7011

60 Hz


Ground in main conduit box and 2 holes diagonally opposite on frame feet.

Insulation Class Insulation System Inverter Capabilities

Class F

Form coil epoxy VPI

Consult Factory


Permanently numbered, Non-wicking

Lifting Means Lubrication

Two (2) cast in lifting lugs

Mobil PolyRex EM Grease; Self Cooled Lube Oil up to 40 deg C


Foot Mounted F1

Mounting Holes

Dual drilled for 5809/5810, 5811/5812 mounting , Single drilled 7010, 7011


304 Stainless Steel

NEMA Design

NEMA MG-1, Part 20 Standard Torques Frame 5809, 5810, 5811, 5812 Epoxyester Buff Frame 7010, 7011 Epoxyester Dark Grey Yes, both ends; extended through the fan cover




Copper bar

Service Factor Shaft Material Space Heater

1.15 (unless otherwise noted on pricing pages)

AISI 4142

120V Space heater, leads to accessory box

Stator Temp Device Temperature Rise

100 platinum RTD's (total of 6, 2 per phase), leads to accessory box 90°C @ 1.0 SF (unless otherwise noted on pricing pages) by resistance


NEMA routine, IEEE 112

Time Rating


Vertical Jack Screws

Provisions on Frame


12 months from date of installation or 18 months from date of manufacture, whichever occurs first


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