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Table 24: Re-lubrication Intervals

Trickle Treat (Random Wound - 143-449 frames) In this process a 60 HZ current is passed through the winding. This “pumps” the varnish into the windings resulting in better penetration into the stator slots and an increase in varnish build. Applying a controlled current to the windings produces optimal varnish curing. This cures the windings from the inside-out, rather than oven baking. Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (500 frames) This process completely seals the windings against moisture and harsh environments. It provides greater mechanical strength; that lowers the vibration level. Machine lasts longer and requires less maintenance. Table 25: Quick Winding Treatment Comparison for Random Wound Motors Winding Treatment Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Trickle Treatment Penetration Better Best

Re-lubrication Interval (yrs) Horizontal Vertical

Type of Service

Typical Examples

HP Range

Valves, door openers, portable floor sanders, motor operating infrequently (one hour per day) Machine tools, air conditioning apparatus, conveyors, one or two shifts, garage compressors, refrigeration machinery, laundry machinery, oil well pumps, wood working machinery Motors for fans, M-G sets, etc. that run for 24 hours/365 days, coal and mining machinery, motors subject to severe

1.0-7.5 10-40 50-150 200-350 400-800

10 7 4 3 1

9 3 1.5 9 Mo. -


1.0-7.5 10-40 50-150 200-350 400-800

7 4 1.5 1 6 Mo.

3 1


6 Mo. 3 Mo. -

• Maximum Fill Rate • Excellent CIV Protection • Cannot Be A Sealed System

• Best Penetration • Leads to Sealed System • High Investment • Longer Process Time


1.0-7.5 10-40 50-150 200-350 400-800

4 1.5

1.5 6 Mo. 3 Mo. 1.5 Mo. -



9 Mo. 6 Mo. 3 Mo.

Abrasion Resistance (320-5013) ODP or WPI/WPII GE motors can be supplied with an abrasion resistant winding treatment which gives added protection from airborne particles.

vibration, steel mill machinery

Dirty, vibrating applications, where end of shaft is hot (pumps and fans),

1.0-7.5 10-40 50-150 200-350 400-800

9 Mo. 4 Mo. 4 Mo. 3 Mo. 2 Mo.

6 Mo. 3 Mo. 2 Mo. 1 Mo. -

Very Severe

high ambient temperatures

WINDING TREATMENT Various winding treatment options and protective coatings are available to provide additional protection in special or extreme application and environmental conditions. Custom Polyseal ® Motors (Frames 444-5013) These motors are available with vacuum pressure impregnated windings which have been taped to hold additional varnish and to increase their mechanical strength. Custom Polyseal ® motors meet NEMA MG-1, Part 1 and are capable of an underwater submergence test which includes a hi-pot and megger test.


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