Standard Motor Catalog

Section XP Energy Saver Premium Efficient Explosion Proof Motors Energy Saver Explosion Proof Low Voltage Standard Features

Div 1, Class I, Groups C and D; Class II, Groups F and G

HP Range

5 - 250


3600, 1800, 1200

Voltage Altitude Ambient Rotation

230/460, 460

3300 ft

-20°C to +40°C with SF of 1.15

Bi Directional

Bearing Type Conduit Box

Ball bearing (roller bearing 150 and 200HP, 1200RPM) Cast Iron, Diagonally Split, Rotatable 90 degrees

Division 1 Hazardous Areas

Class I Groups C & D, Class II Groups F & G, T3C Temperature Code

Insulation Protection

Normally closed class B thermostats one per phase

Efficiency Fan Cover End Shield Frame Size Frequency Grounding Frame Material Insulation Class

NEMA Premium IEEE112 method B


Cast Iron Cast Iron 143-449T

60 Hz

In conduit box

Class F

Inverter Capabilities

NEMA MG1 part 31, UL certified Division 1 for 5:1 constant torque, 10:1 variable torque, T3C, 1.0 Service Factor

Bearing Lubrication/Grease

Non regreasable 143T-210T. Regreasable 250T-449T with Polyurea base grease

Bearing Caps

Cast iron internal all frames


Dual drilled for multiple frame mounting


1045 carbon steel Stainless Steel NEMA Design B


NEMA Design

Enclosure Rating Service Factor Temperature Rise


1.15 (1.0 SF on VFD)

80°C @ 1.0 SF by resistance


NEMA routine

Time Rating



36 months from date of installation or 42 months from date of manufacture, whichever occurs first

Agency Approval

UL Listed for hazardous locations


Data subject to change without notice. 02/23 •

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